Our material

Many of you ask us what it is that makes us special, why our wetsuits are different.

The truth is that our suits are absolutely neoprene free. Yeah, you are reading correctly. We are extremely proud of that fact.  Traditional wetsuits are made of  various types of neoprene. It is a material obtained from petroleum, which is not a renewable resource, its manufacturing process requires huge amounts of energy and it is also difficult to recycle.
Over the years, various alternatives appeared, such as neoprene made from limestone, which has a smaller carbon footprint and creates less waste.

But we wanted to go one step further, so we researched several alternatives until we found one that we loved. Our polymer is made mostly from natural rubber and sugar cane, both of which are grown organically. As an alternative to the chemical softener we use non-edible vegetable oils and we replace some of the filling with seashell powder, obtained from the food industry.

By doing this we manage to reduce 99% of the allergens contained in traditional wetsuits, and we also obtain a material that is lighter, more flexible, and dries faster.
We have achieved suits whose performance is second to none, whilst reducing the environmental impact to a minimum.


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