Short wetsuit + Bikini

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How does it work? It's very easy!

The pack includes any of our short wetsuits and any bikini or swimming suit.

Add this product to the cart. Then go to the wetsuit section and choose the shorty you want from our collection and add it to the cart. Do the same with the bikini.

Go to the shopping cart and select pay, the correct price will appear automatically.


Our wetsuits are manufactured with our 100% neoprene-free material, made out of natural rubber, sugar cane, powdered seashells as a thickener and non-eadible vegetable oils as softeners, which results in a super stretch material which dries extremely quickly, and that doesn't smell when its wet!!

Since they are 2.8mm they are slightly thicker than the usual shorties, so they are sure to keep you warm without loosing any flexibility, and they also provide extra protection during crashes.

There are options with or without sleeves and also with short legs or in the shape of a bathing suit.


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